MLD Therapy Protocols


MLD addresses acute and chronic conditions

A functionally and anatomically intact lymphatic system responds to an increase of waste material with a higher transport volume. Disease and trauma create mechanical damage to the lymphatics; which sometimes is irreversible. MLD therapy re-directs lymph to viable watersheds to:

  • Reduce or eliminate edema
  • Slow or halt disease progression
  • ​Improve circulation and tissue health

Therapy path includes:

  • MLD therapy - Gentle, hands-on techniques which move lymph fluid to remove cellular debris from compromised tissues. This reduces decreases or eliminates edema and improves tissue health.
  • CDT - Combined decongestive therapy uses compression bandaging in conjunction with MLD therapy to achieve a steady reduction in edema and stabilize a condition
  • Compression garment - After optimal edema reduction, patients may be custom-fitted with a medical-grade compression garment to improve treatment durability
  • Maintenance - MLD therapy every 1 to 3 months, as needed, supports tissue health and slows chronic disease progression

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